Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Muller are the species on the market by WIDEHELIX. Snails sold by WIDEHELIX, are from the holdings of our associates, bred in snailery and fed using horticultural and specific snail food products. Each enclosure is submitted to quality and food analysis and each breeder delivers records of his production.

Packed in 1kg or 5kg bags, snails are supplied ready to be sold.


The snail is submitted to a natural freezing process, i.e., the snail is frozen without additives, preservatives or any other product that alters its characteristics. This way, the snail has the same taste and characteristics of the living, but with a validity of 24 months. The snail is frozen in proper and certified facilities, according to the health certificate seal. It is sold in loose in 6kg boxes.


Snail caviar ready to eat after having undergone various processes of transformation.

It is presented in glass jars with 30gr. natural or flavored (Port, Madeira). Period of validity of 4 months.


From the breeding centers of our associates, juvenile snails (fry) are submitted to a rigorous selection process after the reproduction process has been carefully monitored and controlled.

The quality of newborns is a consequence of both the handling in the reproductive process, and especially the quality of the snail mates. WIDEHELIX focuses on the quality of its products and therefore the whole process is monitored by its quality department.

Juvenile snails are delivered in boxes of 5,000 units each.